The Tooth Fairy Book + Pouch

  • The Tooth Fairy Book + Pouch

The Tooth Fairy Book + Pouch


A Visit From The Tooth Fairy Book with Tooth Pouch Gift Set includes:

  • “A Visit From The Tooth Fairy” book is an exciting tale about losing a tooth and a magical vault that helps the Tooth Fairy cherish and preserve childhood memories. Includes special pages to record the date of each tooth lost.
  • The Tooth Pouch holds your child’s tooth while they wait for the Tooth Fairy to exchange it for “a note or something shiny and new” and is stored in the back of the book for safe keeping.

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How To Enjoy

The Pouch

Have your child place the tooth inside the pouch and put it under their pillow at bedtime. The Tooth Fairy will trade the tooth for a surprise!

The Book

On the Keepsake pages in the book, record the date of each tooth lost and note other fun facts unique to your child!

The Vault

The Tooth Fairy will move the tooth to the vault for safekeeping. You can personalize the Tooth Vault by writing your child’s name on the sticker provided.