"Each Tooth Holds Your Special Memories"


a visit from the tooth fairy

Preserving Childhood Memories

For a child, losing a tooth is one of the most exciting events of their lives. For a parent, it signifies their development and growth throughout adolescence.

Help capture their precious memories with the Tooth Fairy Collection, and create excitement and anticipation as your little one awaits losing their next tooth!

The Tooth Fairy Collection


The Tooth Fairy Collection

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What Parents ARE SAYING

Maxine R.

I am so excited for my grandchildren to be old enough to learn about The Tooth Fairy! This is the perfect gift!!

Jaclyn T.

Such an amazing, beautiful way to help us as parents share the magic of The Tooth Fairy!

Carin S.

My daughter LOVES her tooth vault… she shows it to everyone that comes to our house!